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PizzaShops.info provides comprehensive information on over 90,000 Pizza Shops all over the United States. These Pizza Shops include the largest Pizza Franchises, local Pizza Chains and independent locations providing Take-out, Delivery and Full Service Dine-in restaurants with Pizza as a main item on their Menu. You can search Pizza Shops by address, city, county or zip code. If you search by address, PizzaShops.info will display Pizza Shops closest to that address. If you search by a location, (city, county, zip code or state), PizzaShops.info will display all Pizza Shops & Pizza Franchises in that location.

When you find a Pizza Place you like, you can view details information on that location, including address, map, directions etc. Many Pizza Shops also include hours of operation and discount coupons available.

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PizzaShops.info shows detailed information on the top Pizza Franchises. You will find top cities and counties with most number of locations of any Pizza Franchise, and how they compare with other Franchises in any given location.

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PizzaShops.info is built with ASP.NET MVC3 and RAZOR. It's powered by SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit Databases, and runs on a Quad Core Hyper-V based VPS instance of Windows 2008 R2 x64. It's ORM layer is powered by Linq2SQL and PLINQO. The Street View & Maps are a combination of Bing Maps and Google Maps API. Charts are powered by Google Chart API. There is a moderate use JQuery and JQuery UI.

This Website makes extensive use of in-memory caching of data.

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